Real Estate Leads Cost

We keep our lead pricing as competitive as possible and varies between each market. However, to continue bringing the highest quality leads possible, we need to charge according to what it cost us to generate the lead.

Google does not set the price for how much keywords cost, other investors bidding on those keywords do. It is like an auction that is held in your city for that specific keyword. For example, lets use the national keyword “we buy houses”. Google charges anybody wanting to show up for that keyword a starting price of $49.58 per click. That’s per click! And it takes 10 clicks to generate 1 lead at a cost of $495.80 per lead. 


motivated seller, sell my house fast, we buy houses keyword cost
Sample of keywords 12/17

You can get a better idea of how much different keywords cost in your market by going to Google Adwords and creating an account.  To see a more complete list of motivated seller keywords check out the keyword bible from oncarrot.

Some companies sell their leads to 5 or 10 investors to lower the cost of lead. This gives you 5 or 10 other investors calling the same lead at the same time and creates complete chaos . If too many investors contact the seller, the seller gets overwhelmed and stops answering the phone.

That is why at we decided to offer exclusive real estate leads only.  We sell leads to one buyer per city.